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Beaverton is a city in Washington County, Oregon, seven miles west of Portland in the Tualatin River Valley. As of July 2003, its population is estimated to be 80,520, 5.8% more than the 2000 census figure of 76,129. This makes it the largest city in the county and Oregon's fifth largest city. Beaverton's controversial annexation plans during the next decade are likely to result in major growth in both population and area.

Since 1929, Beaverton has been home to Beaverton Foods, a manufacturer of nationally-distributed condiments. Reser's Fine Foods, processor and distributor of fresh prepared foods, has headquartered in Beaverton since 1960.

Beaverton is home to the world headquarters of Nike.

More recently, Beaverton is the headquarters of Tektronix, which manufactures electronics including oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. Nike headquarters are located on an unincorporated parcel of land inside, but excluded from, the Beaverton city limits.

As part of the Silicon Forest, Beaverton is the home of the Open Source Development Labs and the Linux Technology Center of IBM.


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