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Carson City is the capital of the state of Nevada. A 2005 population estimates places its population at 57,104. Carson City is now an independent city, not part of any county, and is its own Metropolitan Statistical Area. Like many towns in Nevada, Carson City was founded in the boom days of mining. A center of silver mining, Carson City was the county seat of the former Ormsby County and was named for explorer Kit Carson.

Carson City was one of five state capitals not served by an interstate highway (Dover, Delaware; Jefferson City, Missouri; Juneau, Alaska, and Pierre, South Dakota are the other four). This changed on February 16, 2006 with the opening of Phase 1 of the Carson City Freeway project; a four lane stretch between Lakeview Hill and US 50. This will eventually be renamed Interstate 580 when the link between Reno and Carson City is complete. With the completion of Phase 2, the Carson City Freeway will loop around the city and end near U.S. 50 to the south.

Carson City has the distinction of being the smallest of the 361 Metropolitan Statistical Areas as designated by the United States Census Bureau (as of July 1, 2004).

The largest nearby city to Carson City is Reno, about 30 miles to the north.

Carson City is situated in high desert valley of approximately 4730 feet above sea level. There are four fairly distinct seasons, all of which are relatively mild compared to many parts of the country. Winters see snowfall, however rarely is it heavy. Most precipitation occurs in winter and spring, with summer and fall being extremely dry, much like neighboring California. Mid-summer highs typically top out in the 90s, however temperatures of 100 degrees and above do occur on occasion. The low humidity and high elevation generally make even the hottest and coldest days quite bearable. July high and low temperatures average at 91 and 51, respectively, while in January this drops to 45 and 22.

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