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Oakland, founded in 1852, is a major American city on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay in Northern California in the United States. To the north lies Berkeley, home to the campus of the renowned University of California. To west stands San Francisco, across the Bay Bridge. Separated from the mainland by an estuary to the southwest is the island city of Alameda, while San Leandro lies to the southeast.

Along the hills which run northwest to southeast, Oakland borders five of the East Bay Regional Parks. In the center of Oakland, and completely surrounded by it (prompting the common analogy to a doughnut hole), is the wealthy city of Piedmont. Oakland is home of the Port of Oakland, one of three major shipping ports on the American West coast.

Oakland has experienced an increase of population and of real-estate prices in the past decade, attributable to economic recovery, along with Oakland's weather, location, hillside neighborhoods with views of San Francisco and the Bay, attempts to reduce crime, high rents and home prices in nearby San Francisco, and a substantial offering of shopping districts and restaurants representing cuisines both homegrown and worldwide.


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