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Kodiak is a city on Kodiak Island in Kodiak Island Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 6,273. The city holds about half of the community's population.

Kodiak is a beautiful island, also referred to as "Alaska's Emerald Isle". With a maritime climate, Kodiak is known for its rain; this creates lush green during the summer months.

Kodiak has a rich Alutiiq culture. Kodiak's cultural traditions and history can be found at the Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository, the Baranov Museum, and the Kodiak Military History Museum.

The lifestyles of many Kodiak residents still include subsistence food gathering. Fishing (particularly for salmon and halibut), hunting (for Sitka black-tailed deer, elk, and goats), and berry-picking (salmonberry, blueberry, and high- and low-bush cranberry) are common summer and fall activities.

Kodiak's primary economic driver is the commercial fishing industry, though the United States Coast Guard station (Integrated Support Command Kodiak) also drives important economic activity. Additional activity in commercial fisheries support services (such as welding and hydraulics shops and marine supply stores), government, social services, and retail establishments round out the employment picture in Kodiak.

Kodiak is a key location in the film The Guardian, starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher.


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